Welcome, friends, to my website!
I am thrilled to have been awarded the USPDF 2010 Silver Medalist / 2nd place winner as Miss Trixter 2010and to represent XPole USA as their fitness model and spokesperson! Through my website I would like to share with you how pole dance fitness has not only transformed my body, but has made me strong mentally and has challenged me in ways I never thought possible. Pole dancing has taken my fitness level to another extreme and I am stronger and fitter than I have ever been! Through pole dancing, I have made so many amazing friends and continue to have incredibly memorable experiences! I will be teaching, judging, performing and competing all over the world in hopes of sharing my experience and passion because I believe that pole dancing is not only of the best and most creative forms of fitness - it is art!


Estee teaches weekly classes at Tease-studio Denver: Monday, Tuesday & Friday (Classes are subject to change when Estee is on tour).

Estee Zakar for Pole Fitness: Performance, Sport and Empowerment


November 9th-12th: Puerta Vallarta, Mexico: Pole Dance Competition II: Judging, Performances and Workshops

For further information on upcoming events, or scheduling performances please contact Estee for scheduling. For more information view Estee's most updated event calendar.